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Introducing - FooDzines

A new generation Application for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, etc for the new generation consumers.


Purchase FooDzines About FooDzines
  • A secure Login system with multiple User Roles to ensure data security. FooDzines has 4 built-in User Roles that ensure that the right people get the right level of access. Read More
  • The FooDzines Dashboard is the all-in-one destination for your Managers / Administrators to manage your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, etc. Manage your Menu, your Users (Staff), your Tables, Taxes, Reports, etc. Even a bar-code reader to simplify your Inventory Management. Read More
  • A Table Manager that lets you handle multiple Tables on the same Tablet Device. And yet, so intelligent that it keeps track of all Table Orders and Bills independently and also shows you the vacancy status so you don't assign an occupied table until it is billed. Read More
  • A stunning and a gorgeous "Menu Card" that shows your Dishes in a way never shown or even seen before. And yet, it is remarkably practical too. Read More
  • It is said, the Beauty lies in the Details. Well, it's true. And we think FooDzines will leave your Guests astonished with the presentation and the details too. Read More
  • FooDzines allows your Guests to ensure they no mistakes are made. Think of it as a Shopping Cart on e-commerce websites. Oh. And on confirmation, KOT's are printed "wirelessly". ;-) Read More
  • The Bill is where your Guests will see every Order they have placed. And we have left no details out of this one too. Right down to the Tax calculations, Discounts if you choose to offer or corrections (Managerial Authentication) is taken care of. And as with the Order Cart, on confirmation, the Bill is printed "wirelessly" too. Read More
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